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full game attack team got 3, 46 points to a certain extent, exaggerated the first show of McVay. On the other hand, due to the opponent defense group limited capacity, coupled with the continuous production of ball rams defense conversion, early in the game lost suspense, Goff and colleagues are only small, are used in the preseason is very skilled simple routines. Goff the game is not what challenges, 8 times compression get 103.6 quarterback score 21 times under no pressure passing success rate of over 75%, harvest 1 touchdowns and 123.3 quarterback rating. Because the advantage is bigger, the tactic of ram is more conservative. Although there is no deliberate attack on the backcourt, Goff still has 4 passes in flight over 20 yards, completing 3 times and scoring 158.3 at this distance. On the selection of the goal, 8 players completed the relay, 4 pushed more than 50 yards and 5 had completed a single push of at least 23 yards. In the point of falling, try 13 times to the left, finish 12 times, try 16 times to the right, and f cheap nfl jerseys free shipping inish 9 times. 's poor performance does give some discount to the reference value of the competition, but if we focus on Goff itself, we can easily see his advantages in college and the change since he entered the league. The most attractive thing is his mechanics and the attendant precision of the pass. McVay called the Everett's catch as a turning point in the game, which just outlined the performance of the whole Goff. Before the kick-off Goff was observed in 2 man under opponent, two safety of the trend of fast reading after kick-off. As the attacking frontline was broken, Goff allocated the ball to the border immediately in the pressure, and it was very comfortable for the Everett. In the course of the process, Goff kept the textbook - level passing posture and footsteps, allowing him to control his hand and pass points freely. Another example is the 24 - Code connection with Watkins. Goff observed beside Watkins defensive player of the distance, but the safety has been prepared, which had no choice but to put the ball over the shoulder, partial position after. Watkins has enough time to finish the turn and watch the defender's position. The choice of Goff has eliminated the possibility of making mistakes, and, more importantly, to avoid exposing teammates to danger. The other that makes the audience memorable is the adjustment of the formation and tactics of Goff before the ball is opened. In the game, he often uses the false password to induce the offside to offside. Although the effect is general, the frequency of his own fault is higher than that of his opponent, but at least it is a good try, and it can also reflect his self-confidence. In addition to enticing a foul, the other role of a false password is to observe the defensive tactics of the opponent. There is a Goff call after kick-off after the password, pony three linebacker back, a man tried to raid, Goff observed after shouting "16" plus an emergency route, finally he did take the ball to run a short distance dig Gurley hand.Baltimore crow cut defender pulled Webb (Lardarius Webb) - darys, ending his 9 year career crow. the layoffs have saved the crows by $1 million 750 thousand in salary space. Webb thanked the crow on twitter after being cut. Weber, aged 32, gradually faded out of the defensive team in the second half of the season, and was basically a special service player. crow in the cornerback position and the young players Thai - Yang (Tavon Young) and Maurice (Maurice Canady), from which they can be assured to let Webb go. Webb made 480 grabs in the 127 games for the crow, 15 times, 93 passes, 5 escapement and 3 force to drop the football equipment network with European football season and the opening of the summer transfer window closes, many players have changed his jersey number. Whether it is voluntary or forced by the club, let's join us to see who the players have to change their shirt numbers. with Paris out of Euro 220 million a football record record transfer fee (default), Neymar from Barcelona to the French giants Paris Saint Germain, PSG's Argentina striker Javier · Pastoret (Javier Pastore) had to give up his number 10 shirt to wear No. 27. "at the same time, I will continue to contribute to the team, helping the team to overcome all opponents." He said in an interview with the Madrid media. The young man Caseyline guard Danny Trevisan (Danny Trevathan) de Adams (Davante Adams) - Aventis will impact on the helmet helmets cost him some time. Chicago Xiong Xianwei has been suspended for 2 games for violating the league's safety regulations. Trevisan hit Adams in the third quarter of the Thursday night match against Green Bay Packers, which led to the latter being sent to the hospital and diagnosed with concussion. According to , Trevisan appealed the punishment, and the hearing will be carried out this week. In the interview after the game, Trevisan said he did not intend to hurt Adams and he should not be penalized. Trevisan in October 16th will be able to return to the team. In his absence, Christian - Jones (Christian Jones) and John - Tim (John Timu) should get more time.

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