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, for fans who are familiar with the New York giants, the playoffs hope theory of security Ann Terrell Antrel (Antrel Rolle) seems to have become a regular program of every season. Let's go back to 2012, when the giant in November with 6 wins and 4 losses in the top division. Rolle told the media that the giant could win all the rest of the game and enter the playoffs as No. 1. In October 2013, the giants opened 0 - 4, and Rolle was confident that the team had the ability to win 12 games. on Tuesday, local time, Rolle once again published his views on the issue. Asked whether the team was able to squeeze into the playoffs with 9 - 7, Rolle said: "in my mind, there is no suspense." No matter whether Rolle's confidence is groundless and meaningful, we have to admit that he is a very good captain. He is good at mobilizing his teammates and, regardless of the team's performance, he is full of confidence in his teammates. from the perspective of competition, the giants will encounter Jacksonville Jaguar, Tennessee Titan, Washington red skin and Saint Louis ram in the remaining 6 matches. Maybe they can win more victories, but they want to keep the chance of winning the whole. On the other hand, even if Rolle did, 9 - 7 is hard to help them into the playoffs.| China handball sports 60 years brilliant exhibition | is of far-reaching significance on parade | hand Co picture for Chinese sports 60 years brilliant achievement exhibition press conference scene Wolf / Cleveland July 14 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Lei) on the occasion of the Eleventh National Games in less than 100 days on the occasion, a study by the State Sports General Administration and the Organizing Committee jointly organized the Eleventh National Games, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Culture Development Center hosted a large exhibition in China's sports achievements 60 years exhibition is being prepared and will be held. At the Ji'nan International Exhibition Center in from October 16th to 22nd this year during the national games. This is the first time since the founding of the new China that the National Games have been held for the first time, and so great sports and cultural activities have been held. this afternoon, the State Sports General Administration and the eleventh session of the Organizing Committee of the relevant leaders held a press conference at the State Sports General Administration, the State Sports General Administration, deputy director of the Publicity Department of sports culture development center, gentle director Sun Daguang and other leaders, Xinhua news agency, Cleveland, CCTV, Beijing TV and other news media attended the press conference. Since the founding of new China , China's sports undertaking in Comrade Mao Zedong "the development of sports, enhance the people's physique" policy under the guidance of the party and the government under the care of the majority of sports workers work hard, gone through a glorious history, has made great achievements, but also accumulated valuable historical experience. At the press conference, Wen said: glorious history, this exhibition is to show Chinese sports 60 years development of great achievements and historical experience. It will be another sports culture competition outside the National Games and will return to another big spot outside the games. according to the reporter, this exhibition will in all provinces and autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, and the people's Liberation Army, the industry association, the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps for exhibitors, strive to reflect the industry 60 years of mass sports, competitive sports, sports industry and sports cultural development achievements, including the emergence of out of all kinds of excellent sports administrators, educators, organizers, science and technology workers. The exhibition will enable audiences from all walks of life to compete in the beautiful spring city to compete in the arena, and have the opportunity to understand and understand the development of sports in all localities and nationalities in the past 60 years since the founding of new China. the exhibition is provided by the Ji'nan International Exhibition Center for 33 thousand and 500 square meters. In addition to setting up a comprehensive exhibition area of the State Sports General Administration, it provides free 50 square meters of booths for every province, autonomous region, municipality directly under the central government and the municipalities directly under the central government, so as to show the development of the region in its own way in 60 years. In addition, the exhibition will also adopt the way of market operation, and invite all kinds of enterprises and other units to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition will set up sports culture, sports education, sports technology, sports industry and other exhibition areas, and serve for the majority of enterprises, institutions and businesses. if you're holding your breath and waiting for NFL to dramatically change the video retrial system this year, you can be relieved now. It won't happen. alliance spokesman Greg Greg Hierro announced on twitter that the team agreed to increase the video retrial system of the tournament clock in the second quarter, the fourth quarter and overtime time more than 1 seconds in the NFL annual conference. The team also authorized the alliance to study the use of fixed camera and stadium video in the video system. In addition to these two measures, all the other proposals on video retrial were rejected. a month ago, the Saint Louis rams coach Geoff fish (Jeff Fisher) held in Indianapolis NFL testing camp said NFL Competition Committee received a number of extended range video review proposal, which he can offer the largest number in retrospect during the tenure of the competition committee. obviously began to appear in the last season's many interesting misjudgments, but the team needed a sober day to choose a more conservative plan in the late March. The team also agreed to improve the safety of the 5 players proposal, including the introduction of medical suspension, on the offensive player turned round opponent blocking (peel-back blocks) new standards to protect the defenseless players, illegal action blocking the offensive player (chop blocks) to take a more severe punishment and the prohibition of pushing his teammates in the kick-off line.The official website of NFL | Marshall: ankle heal, feel great | football - Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) in the past few weeks with an ankle problem, has now recovered back. Since second weeks, Marshall first at the Chicago bears no doubt on the injury report signs listed in the back of his name, in Sunday's game the more kolelas Panther took over was included in the list of possible, and believe that his state would rebound this week. can play, return to the team really feel great, through the Marshall team website said, from injury state, I am feeling back, feeling like explosion, feel good, watch my guy to be careful. Marshall ankle significantly restrict him, the star took over in the past three games have been limited to 50 yards, however, big Marshall in the red zone using his body in that fight to get 4 touchdowns (in fact, Marshall past eight catches in four is a touchdown ball). If the Marshall on Sunday full back, which makes the Panther last week was torn defense more difficult.

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