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is an old team and has a long history. One is the last Super Bowl champion. It is irresistible. The two strong teams will fight against this strong competition in the first half of this year's NFL regular season. In the past ten years the two teams battle record, wins over the Seattle Seahawks Green Bay Packers, but in recent years the Seahawks team constantly upgraded to open to see, this year the war still has a lot of suspense. 1976 to 1981 years, the Seahawks and the packers have met 3 times, 3 times is the packers win. In 1984, NFL has been among the ranks of the teams of the Seattle Seahawks inroads into the packers home court, 30:24 to win the first victory of the two warring. Since then, the Seahawks in 1987 and 1990 won two games, the two teams will refresh the record to 3:3. On 1998, the packers under coach Mike - Holmgren (Mike Holmgren) to defeat the Seattle Seahawks under the leadership of 31:10, advancing to the super bowl. After the game, coach Mike Holmgren left to join the Green Bay Packers, the Seattle seahawks. The following year, the 1999 season, the Seahawks 27:7 away win over the packers. In 2003, the two teams met again as the National League team. This time, the packers initiative multiple touchdowns, with a 35:13 win over the seahawks. In 2005, the main Seahawks did not play, the packers defeated the Seahawks again an easy job to do. This year, was known as Favre (Favr cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e) last year, and he also played two games of the season. The 2006 season in a blizzard and in the game, the packers lost 24:34 seahawks. Alexander ran Wei Sean (Shaun Alexander) ran for 200 yards, and Matt Favre (Matt Hasselbeck) to record 6 steals. In 2008, Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) first appearance will lead the packers to 27:17 away win over the Seahawks, the following year season to 48:10 more firmly suppressed the seahawks. last season, the Green Bay Packers defeat the Seahawks home court. The two teams have fouled frequently, and they are not sure about the rhythm of the attack. The opening game of the season, the two teams will meet again, and Rodgers led the packers Werwilson led the Seahawks, in the end is a powerhouse or defending champion will be better? Let's wait and see. Beijing time 8:30 on September 5th, the official website of NFL Chinese live throughout the 2014 season opener NFL Green Bay Packers VS Seattle Seahawks please pay attention Beijing time 8:30 on September 5th, NFL's official website Chinese live 2014 NFL season opener of the Green Bay Packers VS Seattle Seahawks, please pay attention.kkansas chief will finish another heavy deal. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported Friday with chief Losangeles rams to reach an agreement, the cornerback Marcus Pitts (Marcus Peters) traded to the rams. The details of the transaction have not been disclosed. The ram has given Buffalo Bill the second round show for this year's show in the deal with Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins). The deal will come into force at the start of the new year's year in March 14th. Peters is one of the best league players in the league. He was the best team in 2016 and won the best defensive rookie of the year in 2015. In only 3 seasons, the corner guard made 10 copies. Since he entered the league in 2015, no footballer has been able to copy the number of copies or destroy the number of passes (55) more than he has. Count the playoffs, Peters made 21 steals. In the past 25 years, only Ed - Reed (Ed Reed) had more than he had done in the first 3 seasons of his career. despite the excellent performance on the field, it was reported that the chief was dissatisfied with his other performance. Last season, Peters left the stadium after the defeat to the New York jets game will throw away and not in the referee yellow deportation case, so he was chief suspended for 1 games. less than a month ago, the chieftain got the Washington red skin young horn DELL Fowler (Kendall Fuller) in the deal of quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith). In addition, they recently signed the veteran David Amerson. These actions may make the chief believes that despite the cornerback position may decline but Peters can be discarded. traded at a level like Peters and the low - priced players in the next 2 seasons were almost unheard of in NFL. 's low cost plus Pete's strength makes the deal attractive to the ram. They hope that changing the host can reduce Peters's character. this transaction also means that the rams will make will become a free agent Telumeiyin - Johnson (Trumaine Johnson). The introduction of Peters to ensure that the rams defense is still able to retain good players.The official website of NFL | veteran receiver Holmes visited the Emirates rugby | For receivers santonio Holmes veteran (Santonio Holmes), he obviously didn't want their occupation career ends. Earlier this week, the Chicago bear announced that he had cut him off. According to a report by the NFL official, Holmes has gone to Kansas City, hoping that the chief can give him a new opportunity. The chief is really need outside help to take over, Anthony Avery (Donnie Avery) and A.J. Jenkins (A.J. Jenkins) were affected by injuries, the current array only Dwyne powe (Dwayne Bowe) a reliable receiver. In spite of this, we have to doubt whether Holmes can really help the chief. The forty-third time Super Bowl winner MVP, in effect during the bears had been regarded as No. 3 took over, but his performance lets the team very disappointed. this season, Holmes has made 9 appearances, 2 of which have been made in the first place. During the period, he finished only 8 times and took 67 yards. After third weeks, he finished only 1 times. After the New York jets experienced 4 unsatisfactory seasons, Holmes had been hard to contribute to the game. At present, the greater role of him is to add a cheerful atmosphere to the dressing room.The kickplayer (Placekicker) is an attacking player who is responsible for the opening and shooting of the ball. He can not only cooperate with the ball player, but also can use the kickball to complete the kickball alone. station started playing, playing in the middle of the court, usually in 35 yards from their own end zone. When shooting, the kick point is about 7 yards behind the long kicker. Before the opening of the ball, the kicker will measure his position according to the position of the kickball point, usually 3 steps back from the point of kick, and then move the 2 step. executes When the opens, it is kicked directly; when the shot is shot, it is necessary to match the player with the help of the hand, and the kick is completed at the moment when the ball is placed. technique kick players have an abnormally strong thigh, in addition to outside, but also can control the strength and footwork accurate, to meet the tactical needs, such as gambling play, to play in the 10-15 yards distance control. In addition, sometimes the kicker will sneak in the running guard or the quarterback, trying to move the first attack or the array.

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