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played in the league team veteran quarterback Rex Grossman (Rex Grossman) decided to leave or stay at home is better, and Taylor (Tyler Thigpen) - heeg Peng wants to play. Cleveland Brown announced on Tuesday that the team had signed the quarterback. The quarterback Blaine Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) is a shoulder injury, another quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) with a hamstring injury already identified missed the next game under Brown needed to add a quarterback. The only other quarterback in the team is the rookie Connor - Shaw (Connor Shaw). The team so devoted to looking for a veteran quarterback means Heuer will be out for seventeenth weeks against Baltimore crow regular season finale. heeg Peng preseason play for Brown and familiar with Brown's offensive system. This marks the heeg Peng officially effectiveness of the fourth NFL teams, he also for the Kansas City Chiefs, buffalo Bill and played for the Miami dolphins.NFL official website, tenth week review: Super Mario tower, the packers broken rate of the Titan football nest Mario Kobita four Titan big break packer The poor Green Bay Packers in are challenging Tennessee Titan. The Titans took the initiative to start the game, running back Mu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rray (DeMarco Murray, DImax) gained 75 yards rushing touchdowns. The second wave of attack, Murray and Marcus - Mario Kobita (Marcus quarterback Mariota) completed several large number of attack, Mario Kobita was finally kicked off the ball thrown back to Murray, the latter cross found tight end Delaney - Walker (Delaine Walker) completed a 10 yard touchdown. The packers were still unable to advance effectively, while Titan continued to make a further effort, and Mario Kobita and the near front Walker helped the Titan 47 yards. Eventually Mario Kobita cross found tight end Anthony Fasano (Anthony Fasano) for a 9 yard touchdown. The packers did not respond to the second section. Through their short and stable rushed forward, the final quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) to take over short Jodi Nielsen (Jordy Nelson) for a 1 yard touchdown. But the Titans again soon opened the score gap, Mario tower long pass found external hand shad - Mathews (Rishard Matthews) completed a 32 yard touchdown. Later, though the packers shot the ball through the free kick, the packers failed when they took the kickoff while defending against it. The Titan grabbed the ball and began to attack on the 12 yards of the packer. Which of course makes the Titans in the first half finished fifth touchdowns: Mario Kobita's pass to take over to DELL Wright (Kendall Wright) for a 6 yard touchdown. The packers of the next wave of attack and finally made up front, Rodgers's pass to the running back James - Starks (James Starks) for a 13 yard touchdown. After the second half, the wrapper went on with Rodgers's own 20 - yard punching ball in the first wave attack. But Titan scored again in the latter attack, and the Packers' failed gamble allowed Titan to start the attack near the midfield. In a few short distance forward, Mario took over the long tower found outside the teggia - SHARP (Tajae Sharpe) completed a 33 yard touchdown. Even though Rodgers was still in the field, the game had been set. After completing a free kick goal in the Green Bay, Titan scored two free kick shots and scored the Titan's 47-25 win over the wrapper. The packers quarterback Rodgers 51 passes 31 successful 371 yards and 2 touchdowns 2 passes was steals, Nelson took 12 catches and 126 yards and 1 touchdowns, receiver Davant Adams (Davante Adams) has 6 catches for 156 yards. The Titans quarterback Mario Kobita 26 passes 19 successful 295 yards and 4 touchdowns, running back.after this week's game, Kansas City chieftain chief coach Andy Andy said second times this season that he regretted not having more opportunities to hold the ball for the team star runner Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles). This week, the emirate lost 17-22 to 49 in San Francisco. In the last 10 offense of the team, Charles didn't get the chance to hold the ball. In a press conference on Monday, Charles said he regretted it very much and admitted that he made a mistake when he used Charles. Especially in the third quarter, the team took the lead in 17-16. In the leading offensive, the chieftain had 5 options to run, and Arrakis - Smith (Alex Smith) tried 4 passes and ran 1 times in person. In the end, the Sheikh had to abandon the kick to end the attack. in the first attack in the fourth section, the chief faced a 3 gear 1 yards. The final team did not choose to pass the ball to Charles, Smith and Dwyne took over the team with an extra powe (Dwayne Bowe) connection failure, again to punt end attack. Reid said: "if I can do it again, I must choose to pass the ball to Charles, and he could have given us the chance to finish the attacks." was 2 points left in the game, and the chief was 5 points behind, and all had been suspended. Then the team was hopelessness, desperately trying to catch up, and only 1 times in the rest of the time. After the first week of the season, Reid said the same thing after the emirate's match with Tennessee Titan. In that game, Charles only touched the ball 7 times. Although Reid promised to do some changes at the time, it seems that the situation has not improved.The official website of NFL | many hope Gonzales | rugby league team fanpin Toni - Gonzales (Tony Gonzalez) has not retired for six months, so there are many teams trying to seduce him back to the game. Gonzales, the star of the 14 career bowl star, is now hired by CBS as an analyst at the National Football League studio. His 1325 - time record is second in the league history, and he doesn't think he's going to add a few more times. on a telephone conference Thursday, a reporter asked Gonzales whether the new England patriot considered him. His response is that he should not plan to return to the arena. Gonzales said, to be honest, I don't even want to play again. So far, my career is very successful. There were a lot of teams that contacted me, of course I wouldn't go, but there were a few teams who had persevered to call me.

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