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, the least fortunate team, there are several teams, you will think they are looking for excuses, there are several teams that you will think is just the data is not beautiful, but this is rugby game. 5 49 people in San Francisco, : 50%. : 46.5% (Pythagoras winning a victory by the true level, calculating the divided data to calculate the theoretical significance of the team can more accurately reflect the team. The winning team is higher than that under the good luck, bad luck.) difference is within the right of a ball (within 8 points): 2-2 range strength: 63.2% saved the ball rate: 41.18% error positive and negative ratio: +4 in fact, 49 people do not feel the game is very lucky, they are a winning more than half the team, and their performance is the level of. Their mistakes are in the normal range, they decided on a ball game winning is not worth 50% so what panic. In fact, the 49 people have shown their strength, the intensity of the race, the terrible rate of dropping the ball. They showed that they were more than 5% of the other teams. In addition to the rams and the bears, the rest of the 49 players are all the playoffs. The simple games were only played with Washington red skin and the Oakland Raiders, and the 49 had the NFL history - the toughest race this season. But the data also show that the save rate not what they dropped the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ball for the team, they dropped the ball back rate is twenty-seventh in the league, if luck is a bit better if they can beat the Arizona Cardinals or this Sunday against the Chicago bears. If the luck is good, Aldan - Smith (Aldon Smith) and Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) they will lock a playoff comeback. 4 New York giant : 37.5%. 40.6%: winrate Pythagoras difference is within the right of a ball (within 8 points): 0-0 range strength: 57.6% saved the ball rate: 27.1% error positive and negative ratio: +2 wait a minute... The data is not quite right, right? The giant's saving rate is only 27%? How can this be possible? This season is the lowest rate to save the ball. In 2011, the New Orleans saints had only 24%. But I believe this value will not be the end. what's more, the word luck seems to have nothing to do with a giant. None of their games was a winner. They were also very strong, but they still faced two substitutes for the quarterback (the two quarterback of the red skin). To exclude ridicule 〉The official website of NFL | Randall Cobb reached a 4 year contract with the packers | football return Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) recently and the Green Bay Packers reached a 4 year contract worth $40 million, which ensures that the receiver will remain in the packers. Cobb is a 2011 second round draft pick, in the past 4 seasons for 3049 yards, 27 touchdowns on the harvest season, is his occupation career high, completed 1287 yards and 12 touchdowns. with Cobb's signing, the packers finished the most threatening foreign group took over the renewal plan, also makes Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) to continue to challenge the Super Bowl chance. packers season starting wide receiver to complete 2800 yards and catching 25 touchdowns, so that the Cobb is significant for the team signing down.The official website of NFL football season return tigers coach Lewis plan Although suffered sixth playoffs, Malvin Lewis (Marvin Lewis) plans to remain in charge of Cincinnati tigers next season if the team is willing to return him to coach in the thirteenth season of tigers. in the wild card playoff 10-26 weeks lost to Indianapolis Colts shortly after Lewis said the team hope next season into the playoffs again, then he was asked whether he would return in 2015. It was my plan, and Lewis responded with a smile. The future won't make a promise to anyone, that's part of NFL's life and the result of losing the playoffs, . in this offseason he agreed to sign a new contract for a year, his contract will expire after the 2015 season. Lewis, who has been the tigers coach since the 2003 season, has led the team into the playoffs for 4 consecutive seasons. Such a record has no ancients in cincina. The 4 consecutive playoffs were in sharp contrast to the team's performance in 1990, when the Tigers had more than 8 seasons in the 10 season. Lewis had a total of 100 victories in his career. But no 1 of them were playoffs. After losing sixth consecutive playoffs, Lewis and Jim Mora (Jim Mora), Steve Erwin (Steve Owen) and Marty Shaun Teng Hai (Marty Schottenheimer) together become the only coaches who have suffered so many consecutive playoffs. The defeat also helped him and Erwin to be the only coach who had suffered so many consecutive playoff games on the same team. Erwin suffered this embarrassing record between 1939 and 1950. The only way for to do that is to do it at a certain time -- no matter who or whatever it is -- go back to work, work hard and break the trend, Lewis said when he won the playoffs. That's all you can do. There is no other way. safety George - Yiluoka (George Iloka) is that Lewis will be one of the tigers players next season return. I didn't know why he didn't come back for Yiluoka said. He did a great job. The loss was not his duty. It's our problem. We have a thorough grasp of the opponent before the game. We were really confident before the game, and we didn't lose the suspense until the fourth quarter. He went on to say. He didn't play. Those tactics can only take you so far. The victory or defeat depends on the performance of the players. We have to take some responsibility.The official website of NFL | Cutler: I can't solve the problem | football in the Monday night match of this week, the Chicago bear was defeated by the New Orleans saints with 15-31. The performance and attitude of the team are also criticized by the fans and the media. As a quarterback, the depressed state of Jay Cutler greatly influenced the result of the game. Although Cutler has been copied 3 times in the whole game, the team's problem is far more than the quarterback. In the game, the bears appeared repeatedly missed the tackle, such as lacking spirit of cooperation team. In a false kick, they even sent only 10 teams to the court. signs show that there are many problems to be solved on the field. Cutler said: we are struggling and we are in a real dilemma. I also want to give some solutions, and say something different in the interview. But at the moment I feel at a loss that I can't find a way to solve the problem. , according to the NFL official, has revealed that the team's management has been unbearable for the current coaching team. They plan in the offseason reorganization of coaches, coach Mark - tres (Marc Trestmen) are likely to blame altman. In any case, the bear has to change at the end of the season, hoping that they can find a way to solve the problem.

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