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The official website of NFL | Welker three will benefit from the new drug was allowed to return | football terms The NFL and the NFL players met on Wednesday to agree on the alliance's new drug management rules. Although the specific constitution is not announced, we have learned that there are 3 players will end the ban next week can be played: Denver Broncos wide receiver Weiss Wilk (Wes Welker), the Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Iskander Rick (Orlando Scandrick) and the Saint Louis rams wide receiver Bailey studman (Stedman Bailey). Previously, the 3 players are unqualified because of amphetamine, was banned. In the new rules, the ban on Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon) from Brown, Cleveland, will be properly adjusted. now, let's get to know the 3 players. Weiss - Wilke: Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) is the most reliable out of the groove to return. Mustang said Wilk has passed the test of concussion, can play in the game. With Iman Nur - Wilk regression, Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) and de Maris Thomas (Demaryius-Thomas) will return to the outside, Andre (Andre Caldwell) Devielle card has become the No. 4 team took over. This season, the Broncos offense will remain strong, with Jules Thomas (Julius Thomas) to return the outbreak and Wilke, have reason to beat the Seattle Seahawks mustang. Orlando Iskander Rick: Iskander Rick will play in this week's competition for rams, which will provide urgent defense for the defending team. However, only a Iskander Rick can't change the status quo of the cowboy second line. Last season, Iskander Rick was the team's most efficient corner guard, and he had a good cover in the slot. - Bailey studman: for the offensive team rams, currently Austen cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tahon (Tavon Austin) for lateral cruciate ligament sprain will be temporarily absent, so Bailey's return is a major positive. Bailey showed great stability in the second half of last season and in the pre - season. The young quarterback Austen Davies (Austin Davis), who has just won his first career victory, will have a reliable helper this week.Chicago bear race guard Matt - Matt Forte's knee injury seemed more serious than the team had expected. Local time Friday, local media reported lateral collateral ligament of knee sprain is forty, and he suffered the same injury in the 2011 season. The team released a new injury report, and the number one wide receiver al Sean Forti - Geoffrey (Alshon Jeffery) are classified as "open". The two people were all trained on Friday, and the team's opponent this week will be Saint Louis goats. Although previously assumed 32% offensive team Forti yards, but last week rookie running back Jeremy Langford (Jeremy Langford) he has the ability to fill the vacancy left by the Forti proved by practical performance. Langford touches the ball 21 times, with a total of 142 yards. head coach John - Fawkes (John Fox) said: "he has a double threat, can take the ball, can also flush the ball. He behaved better on the way ahead than a few outdoors. He is full of explosive power, and we can also push the number of short yards forward to him. I think he had a good night. "The official website of NFL | football commentator -- Scarlett in cross-border interview | football each year to participate in the marathon enthusiasts every year to participate in thousands on thousands of, basketball commentators across the screen, every year English major students are innumerable beyond measure. However, running and running in Jiayou throughout the marathon, running to team to do charity; with age from 2 million players in the NBA commentary contest to become the two member of talent shows itself, on behalf of the United States is the only CCTV commentary NBA all star game, and the only explanation has been engaged in the basketball. This one to scarlett. famous basketball CCTV commentary on Kerry recently appeared in the NFL weekend football scene, this time the narrator does not discuss whether James's dunk force split Huashan, but took off his shirt, suit, wearing a chest shoulder pad of the New Orleans Saints Football Badge, hand holding a black and white Riddell Revolution helmet, NFL in comprehensive training, although you can not see the past chic elegant, but cross Tim strong and brave. Group a CCTV football team? I took over the outside line, but the center is Shatong CCTV commentator NFL to football weekend is not the first time in the first week of September 14th event, football poet He Wei had come to Beijing Normal University experience, and said in an interview to play quarterback, and Scarlett had repeatedly said that for the wide receiver position, if CCTV to group a football team. And who can get a position in the attack and defense, the secret service in the group? other position I have to think about it, but the center should allow Zhang Bin to play or Shatong, just a regular a substitute, only they can give a sense of security He Wei quarterback, almost without thinking, she is in the two big finalized a core position, other position, two the running back was arranged for Duan Xuan and tennis commentator Zhang Sheng, Kerry explained Duan Xuan will play football, running too fast, when he and Zhang Bin is the team 'a high one', although in the past so long, "high" that is not how to run, but I still want to believe the "fast" or run very fast. Cornerback defense group has been left to two young colleagues -- basketball commentator Liu Xingyu and tennis commentator Zhang Sheng, who is a professional Rowing Athlete Liu Xingyu, upper limb strength, good physical condition, can play defense solid backing; while Zhang Sheng benefited from long-term exercise, body and endurance not bad. , in fact, the position of the quarterback should be further considered. In Jijia's memory, he didn't run fast before, because he commentated football in the early morning, so he couldn't keep up with our normal playing time.The official website of NFL | Iraq four turnovers, jet away unscathed | football Beijing time on the morning of September 22, 2015, the last battle of NFL second weeks was struck at the Lucas Oil Stadium. Last week the unexpected defeat of the Indianapolis Colts buffalo Bill took home court in New York hope body jet to harvest the first win of the season. How the jet's defense forced the 3 times and 1 times to drop the ball. In the end, the jets defeated the pony at 20:7 and returned to the whole body. In the first quarter of , the pony attack team didn't find a good way to deal with the rush of the jet. The quarterback also had to rush to pass the ball many times, so he sent a copy. In the face of the pony send gift, jet with heart, a foul by the pony, jet Liangong 5 times in small Malaysia 10 yards, and finally by the receiver Eric Dekker scored a touchdown. The first part of the game is the passenger jets 7:0 ahead of the jets. In the second quarter of , although the pony defense team made a mistake in the jet production, the attack team was really tired, and it couldn't form effective propulsion at all. Jets made a mistake in losing the ball, but missed the 48 - yard play before the midfield. But he still took a 10:0 lead in the first half with a kick in the first half of the game. midfielder, jets quarterback Fitzpatrick 24 to 15 to get 158 yards and 1 touchdowns and 1 steals, receiver Dekker 8 catches for 97 yards and get a touchdown catch. As for the pony, LAK 14 passed only 5 in 52 yards and 1 times to cut 1 times, and run Gore's 7 run to 41 yards. the second half began, first attack ponies playing extremely hard, although often in the 3 offensive can pass smoothly, but they are in the sixth round of the 3 offensive attack, Gore in front of the ball to fall before nearly 10 minutes of effort will vanish like soap bubbles. And then, the LAK sent second copies of the field. The two error of the third section made the pony still not able to rewrite the score. The third race also ends in the jet's attack. The score is still 10:0, and the jet is leading. In the fourth quarter of , the pony finally opened, and the 26 yards pass reached Mon Cliff accurately, helping the pony catch the score in 10 minutes before the 7:10. But the jet is still in color, and Fitzpatrick's 15 - yard pass allows the jet to get a 10 point lead again. A jet 17:7 pony. To take the third out of Iraq steals, completely ruined the pony to turn the tide. The jet set the score at 20:7 with a 46 - yard kick in the 1 minutes of the game. The jet smooth victory on the road, is the same as in the pony Seahawks season two game losing streak.

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