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The ball is marked with the Emirates FA Cup and the Nike Ordem. the original link:New Orleans saints quarterback Drew Bracey ace four (Drew Brees) the day before participating in the sports radio program "the Dan Patrick show" in the interview, the host Dan Patrick (Dan Patrick) to verify Bracey, one of his sons is the Panther fans of the rumors, Bracey reluctantly confirmed this point, at the same time he also revealed that besides his two sons are not saints fans, but fans of the New York giants. Bracey said, "I have asked who are the fans of their teams before. Two of them are the giants of New York, and the other one is Carolina Panthers. Really, I really don't understand how they think. " Bracey's eldest son and two sons attended Yuyixiduoer Newman preparatory school, because Eli Ma cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nning (Eli Manning) and DELL (Odell Beckahm Beckham - Austria Jr) have been studied in this school, so they become a giant fan is excusable. But his younger son, who was not more than 4, told Bracey that he loved Papa but unconditionally supported the Panther. "in fact this is not what the big deal they play in the backyard I gave them is made to wear." Bracey joked. The New Jersey is designed by white-collar design several years later, and it is also the first use of rounded edge collar. The V design at the bottom of the neckline can be traced back to the beginning of the last century. The collar's invisible button is a unique red and black edge design, inlaid with the club's name "MANCHESTER UNITED (Manchester Union)".Water polo |1500 since Sun Yang absolute advantage to win | Asian Games football gold ending ????9??26?????????????????????????????????????????????1500????????????????????14??49??75???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3??????????? competition focus Sun Pu: before the duel in 200 meters, 400 meters from the self, the men's 4*100 meter freestyle relay multiple projects, two people have played, but piaotaihuan 3 are lost. And this time, Sun Yang won again, and Pu Taihuan won only fourth. Sun Yang three gold medal ending: in the men's 400 meter freestyle and the men's 4*100 m freestyle relay two projects, Sun Yang has won two gold medals, and 1500 meters freestyle champion, Sun Yang has also won the third gold medals of the individual Asian Games. 's world record and Asian record for the men's 1500 meter freestyle are held by Sun Yang, with a score of 14 minutes, 31 seconds and 02. The match record is 14 minutes 35 seconds 43 created by Sun Yang at the Guangzhou Asian Games. The biggest competitor, Pu Taihuan, won the gold medal of the event in 06 years. But in today's game, Sun Yang's record is still a great distance from his record. looks back on Sun Yang's score is 14 points, 41 seconds 15, and the final is fourth, but this year Sun Yang has only 15 points 01 seconds 33, ranking the seventeenth place in the world. Sun Yang's biggest opponent in the final is Pu Taihuan. This year's best result is 15 points, 03 seconds 38. It ranks the eighteenth in the world. In the final, Pu Taihuan is in third way, and is close to Sun Yang's road. is the first 50 meters. Sun Yang leads the park in 0.14 seconds. After 100 meters, he leads 0.26 seconds. After 150 meters, the leading edge expands to 0.50 seconds. After 200 meters, the Japanese player Yamamoto Kohei rises to second. After 250 meters, Sun Yang led Yamamoto for 0.78 seconds, and after 300 meters, Sun Yang's lead was close to 1 second, reaching 0.92 seconds. After 350 meters, the lead is extended to 1 second. Pu Taihuan, the Korean player, is still at 3450th meters. The advantage has changed to 1.79 seconds. Sun Yang's leading position can't be shaken. While Chinese player Wang Kecheng has risen beyond Pu Taihuan to third. 500 meters, Sun Yang's performance is just 3 seconds behind the world record, and Wang Kecheng at the third position of leading piaotaihuan has reached half body position. After 600 meters, sun 〉

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