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automatic playback switch Wenz auto play NFL: draft observation can pass fast loading genius quarterback ... Tencent sports news (Wan Xin, senior editor of /ESPN) NFL has been fighting for two weeks in the new season, and has been fighting four wars. Who is the popular player of the league now? The non Philadelphia hawk's new quarterback Wentz (Carson Wentz) is not. NFL Wentz become the RedsHow far is red? After the first week in the home court to beat Brown 29:10 team, Wentz Jersey No. 11 ranked first on the official website of NFL sales. After 19 days of the 19 day and one night race, 29-14 grams of the Chicago bear team, he became the first one of the first rookie quarterback in NFL history. Many NFL experts are willing to give praise, what big reincarnation of Manning and Philadelphia new hope. The vice president of the United States Biden urged President Obama to "join Wentz camp" (Get on Wentz Wagon), 13 President Obama to Philadelphia for Democratic presidential candidate Hilary campaigned at the joke, this trip is actually for hometown club SYPC and poaching. Biden grew up in Pennsylvania and started in the state of Delaware. It includes southern New Jersey, and in the broad sense of the big Philadelphia area, it is all of the eagle's sphere of influence. Maryland in the south is traditionally the territory of the Baltimore crow, north to northern New Jersey, and the territory of the New York gia cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nt or the jet. The NFL region of the United States is divided into this kind of Wei Jing. Obama, a stranger from Chicago, could take "baby" from Philadelphia. Wentz is NFL this year the show Bangyan not to mention this "treasure", is the eagle's effort to dig. The calendar turned back to the April 28th NFL draft, the eagles fall to three in 2016 trading picks, plus 2017 of the first round and 2018 second round picks can raise yourself to second position, get "wait" to wentz. At that time the situation is , Wentz and from California University of GF (Jared Goff) is recognized as the ironclad champion or runner up. Since the ram preferred GF Eagle lets off wentz. did not live up to the love of the eagle wentz. First war Brown, he finished 37 passes 22 times, sent 278 yards, the quarterback score up to 101 points. The World War II bear team, he finished 34 passes 21 times, propelling 190 yards, the quarterback score 86.6. The most important thing is, zero error, which is valuable in the rookie quarterback. In fact, Wentz "origin" is not noble, he came from little-known North Dakota (North Dakota State), large in the low level of the FCS league play for four years, with four Division I-AA champion. At the end of the month "graduate bowl" (Senior Bo〉The official website of NFL | Seattle Seahawks running back Lynch might consider retiring | football in the past two offseason are considered after retirement, running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch) may finally ready to leave the stadium. Seattle Seahawks general manager John - Schneider (John Schneider) on Friday to attend the radio interview, said he thought Lynch favours retired after a disappointing 2015 season. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a reporter for the NFL official network, also said he had the feeling. Schneider said that as far as possible with respect to the Seahawks Lynch and give him some leeway to consider what he wants to do. coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) earlier this week that Lynch is unknown in the future of the seahawks. The relationship between and Lynch sometimes is not smooth the will to end the Seahawks would be interesting in the running back up the best in franchise history of career. is reported to have owed 5 million US dollars to the team if he chose to retire Lynch. The Seahawks could save $6 million 500 thousand in salary cap space to cut Lynch. Only a year ago, was praised as the best runner for the league, but it was not surprising to think about retiring after nine seasons in the NFL. if Lynch did eventually decide to retire, he might be able to realize his potential as a financial analyst.Our new football equipment network Benfica jersey will be the first 2015-16 home court sponsored by Fly Emirates, and will use the classic design. The new Benfield 2015-16 home tennis Jersey announced in May 19th at the club and Fly Emirates's sponsorship agreement. Meanwhile, the new Adidas Benfica 2015-16 Away Jersey will be released later this summer. Fly Emirates replaced the former sponsor MEO, MEO and Benfica, which had a three year sponsorship contract.The official website of NFL | Payton - Manning - don't say goodbye (final) | football November 30, 2015, all-powerful NBA star, 37 year old Kobe Bryant announced the next will be my last season, then all the games, Kobe was the hero's cheering fans. The winter of 2015, MLB slugger David Ortis Torre Pro for the 2016 season is the last season, I believe he would have been similar to the same courtesy of Kobe. In this season, the NFL world will not calm, veteran safety Charles Woodson frankly, will retire after the 2015 season, and 18 years ago in the Heisman award in defeat to the man Woodson -- Payton - but Manning was still thinking about fighting even dream. in the spring of 2015, placid, fresh young blood into the occupation League, two quarterback Jamis Winston and Marcus Mario Kobita as the first and second information into the league, people Namanning and Ryan leaf story teasing two young people in the future, this time it was discovered that Manning had for 18 years. experienced less happy 2014 quarter horse in the offseason do adjustment, John elvy early cut coach John - Fawkes, Gary - back to the old acquaintances in kubiak. In 1983, the 22 year old quarterback Kubiak was eighth round of election, life for the first time to join the Denver Mustang camp; in 1995, 34 year old Kubiak returned to the Mustang, as offensive coordinator, guidance than he was a year old older John elvy, then go through two consecutive years; finally in 2015, the 55 year old elvy already ingrained the general manager position in the Mustang, tour Kubiak third career to join the Mustang, and this time, become a coach. defense group, Jack - Del - Rio to Raiders coach, elvy was forced to find new defense commander, to finalize the successor is the same old acquaintances, coach Wade - Phillips elvy occupation career peak period, Phillips has been a wild horse defensive coordinator, Wade as coach bud Phillips's son as a coach, no achievement, but coach defense always immediately turn bad into good, the 2011 quarter and Kubiak people in Dezhou together, the new season and Cudicini came back to a dream place to start. compared to the spring of 2014 on 2015, during the offseason, the Mustang in the free market can be described as disastrous losses, for the privilege of leaving de Ma Liusi label - Thomas, but could not stop Julius - Thomas, Weiss - Terrence, Orlando - Wilk, Knighton - Franklin, Manuel - Ramirez, Raheem - Moore have to leave Ryan Credi the injured will also miss the entire season, leaving a long list of star list for the Mustang from bright stars into night long stars. 〉

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