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Tennessee Titan's first quarterback Jack Rock (Jake Locker) had another injury and had to retire early in the game. This week, Titan met the visiting Cleveland Brown. The team's first half smooth, once with 28-10 lead. But in Rock in the second quarter because of his right thumb injury exit left hidden trouble for the team, the second half of a sudden change in the situation, Brown even get 19 points, with 29-28 reversal of the titans. After the , Weiss Hunt Whisehunt, the Titan coach, said he could not confirm how serious the injury was to Rock. He would receive magnetic resonance imaging on Monday in the US. Rock's injury comes from a third pass, Brown Drayton (Buster Skrine) - Pasteur schollin for his high collision, eventually leading to injury. Substitute quarterback Charlie White Hearst (Charlie Whitehurst) and then White Kendall (Kendall Wright) the connection is successful, completed a 11 yard touchdown pass. The game White Hearst 21 pass attempts to complete 13 times, with 194 yards wi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping th 2 touchdowns. Although the substitutes were able to pass the quarterback, Titan's bad performance in the second half was a bad result. At the moment, the team can only expect Rock to hurt.Miami dolphin legend four points, Marino Marino (Dan Marino) joined the dolphin team as a consultant in August of this year. It is not clear that the exact position of Marino in dolphin team is unclear. On Wednesday, now the dolphins quarterback Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) Taney said in an interview that Marino did give yourself a lot of help and advice, so he is very useful. said: "Marino Tenney Hill is great, he often came to the team recently, participate in some team meetings, I also studied the video game with him. His experience and knowledge are good resources for us. After all, he is one of the most successful players in history. He can always see the small details reflected in the video. These little details are about the route of the catcher, and some of them are about my behavior on the spot. Obviously Hill urgently needs the guidance of Marino Tenney, after all, his performance is not satisfactory, especially in the long struggle, the team's leading receiver Mike Wallace (Mike Wallace) had said in an interview with the obscure lack of long ability of dissatisfaction with Tanja Hill.Football | fourteenth weeks night match Preview: Baltimore crow @ New England Patriots Baltimore crow @ New England patriot love and kill the crows and Patriots will meet this week in the week and night. The Patriot still leads the US alliance, and the raven is now making the final sprint for the playoffs. The crow who has always been patriotic killer will snipe patriots at Fox castle. new England patriots have won 10 games in the regular season for 14 seasons in a row, ranking second in the history of NFL. Last week, the Patriots in 26-10 easily defeat the Losangeles rams quarterback Tom Brady helped the team get the occupation career winning 201st games (including playoffs), this achievement is the most NFL starting quarterback in history. If this week at the Miami dolphins patriots game winning, losing, the Patriots will also become take the division leading teams in NFL history first team for 8 consecutive seasons. Baltimore and Pittsburgh Steelers to crow tied for the American League North title, they need a victory to continue to maintain the status quo, to ensure that no advance backward. The crow has won two consecutive wins and has held 4 of them in the past 5 hands with the Patriots. In the face of patriots, the crow has a great psychological advantage. Last week, the crow four Joe Fraco from 381 yards and 4 touchdowns, helping the dolphins to crow. Before the death of the enemy hand in hand, advance into the state, the game is to wait and see. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.don't expect Antonio Gates (Antonio Gates) to wear the shirt of other teams in September this year. the veteran tight end 13 years of occupation career playing for the San Diego lightning, according to San Diego media reports, Gates will become the free player, lightning plan at next week's NFL test camp with Gates's agent. The two sides may be able to negotiate a new contract or a negotiating framework for the new contract. injury caused Gates to fight only 11 games in the last season, but he was still the best near - end team. He finished 56 catches for 640 yards and 5 touchdowns. He kept the record of each of his team's positions related to the team history. His long tacit agreement with the quarterback Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers) made him a notable Hall of fame candidate. lightning 4 tight end Gates, pulling Green (Ladarius Green) - darys, John - Phillips (John Phillips) and David Johnson (David Johnson) - in the free agent market is opened when the contract expires. It's not surprising if Gates and the potential big Green both return to lightning next season.

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